Crème de la crème


We are a team of experienced industry experts and specialists in dental technology. Our goal – exceeding your expectations of a product as much as we can.



Design, function, esthetics and quality. Our tools combine all these attributes and let you create dental masterpieces in no time.

A new species

NyloBrush is simply beautiful! The magnetic quick change tip is also a great idea.
Beatriz Alonso

Design meets innovation

The FUSION really surprised me - an insane resilience of the tip!
Óscar Brandariz

Classic meets avant-garde

Puristic esthetics

Time for creativity

Clever bonding of abutments

Classic meets avant-garde

Puristic esthetics

Time for creativity

Clever bonding of abutments

Pretty vanilla does not work at all

All you need for ceramics

The art of reinterpreting nature and creating ceramic restorations that are indistinguishable from the natural remaining teeth the kings and queens job in dental technology.
With our little helpers we make the way to the perfect restoration a little easier for you.

Universal liquid for all dental ceramics

Have you ever built a little man made of ceramics? The stability of the ceramic is simply incredible - anything is possible!
Jost Prestin

Pressing safely - quite simple

The ceramic firing paste for object fixation

Temporary holding gel for all-ceramics, zirconia and VMK

The "cool" grinder

Lightning fast polish for all ceramic materials

Liquid silver powder

Natural stump colors, lightning fast

Material for champions


Those who know us know how important quality is to us.
Especially with our CAD | CAM materials, you will achieve the results you have always wanted in no time at all. Order now and also become a convinced HPdent repeat offender.

3D resins for dental

The precision paired with the accurate matte surface of the InovaPrint model Resine absolutely convinced me.
Thanasis Kalogeropoulos

3D resins for dental

I developed the solution for printed model dies in tooth shade for highly esthetic restorations with HPdent. InovaPrint modeldie is a must!
Nena v. Hajmasy

3D resins for dental

Print 'n press guaranteed! With InovaPrint wax, every press run is a success and the precision is awesome!
Simone Maffei

Speed 3D Resin Cleaner

Premium temporaries in the twinkling of an eye

Splints and guides without compromise

CAD | CAM milling wax

CAD | CAM milling wax

CAD | CAM Creative Wax

The smart framework material

"Glaze-Days" are gone

consistently top models

Model making

The best thing that could happen to you. With our materials for model fabrication, you can create masterpieces of dental technology. Best-in-class materials for repeatable first-class results.