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TriVest Plunger

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TriVest Plunger

Pressing safely? So easy with TriVest Plungers!
Even a product as seemingly trivial as a press stamp offers enormous development potential.
Our plungers are made from our high-density TriVest investment material and therefore have the same coefficient of thermal expansion as a press investment material.
The CNC-supported production of the TriVest Plunger ensures the enormous precision with the lowest tolerance.
Days are gone, when you had to be careful to place the stamp in the muffle with the black dot facing up.
The edges of the TriVest Plunger are rounded on both sides – no matter which way it is inserted – it works.
The surface is extremely smooth and strong – try the fingernail scratch test.

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Precision plunger ø13 mm


Rounded edges on both sides


Smooth, rock hard surface

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