Your satisfaction is our highest good. This means that we also sometimes get stuck in at the weekend when there’s a fire.

Work from which you benefit

If you enjoy your job, you automatically do it well.

Of course, there is also a complaint with us sometimes – only who makes nothing, makes no mistakes!

But what is important is how to handle this complaint. We see it as an opportunity. With unbureaucratic solutions, we often succeed in achieving an even closer relationship with our customers.

For HPdent, customer satisfaction really has a lot to do with employee satisfaction.
If the team is on fire, it’s crystal clear that this spirit also reaches you, right?

We know what we are talking about and have customer proximity in our blood.

Most of our customers don’t see us as a supplier, but treat us more like colleagues, and we think that’s great!

A close, personal and eye-to-eye contact with you is very important to us and we need that to be good.

Unsere Philosophie

With us there is no 08/15 dispatch!

Due to the manageable size of the team, we have short decision-making and communication channels – a quick response to your questions is guaranteed.

Trust comes from conviction, so just see for yourself. From many of our products there are convincing samples, with all others applies – 100% money back, if you should not be happy with one of our products really times.

Our motto: naturally different.

We take responsibility.

Contemporary technology for dental technology.

Experiences that you will not forget so quickly.