Ducking out is not


More than ever, both individuals and companies are being asked to take responsibility for their actions.

Our philosophy

If everyone does their part, a lot has already been achieved!

HPdent acts responsibly with regard to resources. Raw materials are sourced as locally as possible or in Europe. We consciously and preferably work with regionally based supplier companies. Most of the production takes place in Germany or at least in the surrounding European countries. We are convinced that we do not use plastic for our packaging and rely on recycled cardboard and paper.

What makes us

HPdent in a few sentences

We stand for quality, design and customer proximity.

We are a team of experienced industry experts and specialists.

Our products come from practical experience.

HPdent products increase the efficiency and safety of your processes.

Communication and personal contact with you is important to us! Through this exchange, we are constantly developing.

We convince with performance, durability, sustainability and design.

Our claim for products is the “wow effect”.

Reliable partner at eye level, not an anonymous, lazy large company.

Quality also means service: individuality, accessibility, speed and advice.

We are 100% customer focused and do not forget who pays our bills.

We use new technologies to be able to ensure the best quality.

We take responsibility and eliminate plastic wherever possible and work with local suppliers wherever possible.

Our motto: naturally different.

Our concept for success:
100% customer focus.

Contemporary technology for
the dental technology.


Experiences that you so quickly
will not forget.