Up-to-date technology for dental technology is a necessary condition for HPdent to offer you the best possible product at a fair price.

Technological masterpiece

Efficiency and consistent high-precision results guaranteed.

For example, we use CNC-controlled manufacturing technology not only to produce our premium aluminum dental brushes, but also for such seemingly mundane products as our TriVest plungers / press punches.

HPdent has its finger on the pulse of technological change and is aligning its product strategy accordingly, without neglecting the analog product groups that continue to be profitable.

We are increasingly relying on 3D printing, not only for sales products, but especially for the expansion of our production.
This is an insane potential that is finally also available to smaller companies like HPdent due to significantly lower investment costs for the development of new product innovations.

What sets us apart

Let others do the standard.

We are convinced that once you have tried our dental products, there is no turning back.
Each of our products has a unique background story that we are happy to tell you.

Our motto: naturally different.

We take responsibility.

Our concept for success:
100% customer focus.


Experiences that you so quickly
will not forget.