HPdent – naturally different

About us

We are a team of experienced experts and specialists in the field of dental technology tools. Our goal – to exceed your expectations with our product.
HPdent – naturally different

HPdent is only available in Premium –
in quality, design and customer proximity.

We can proudly claim that our products stand out from the crowd and are real problem solvers. HPdent stands for excellent quality and exceptional design.

Our products come from practical experience. We are not just “some company that makes dental technology products”. We know what we are talking about and speak the same language as you – dental!

To be different, you can’t follow the status quo

you have to question it.

When we develop products, we do so together with a group of internationally renowned dental technicians. Other companies would call these dental technicians “opinion leaders.” We are proud to call them friends.
You know how it is with friends, right?
They tell you the truth – even if your idea is no good!

HPdent – naturally different

Let others do the standard.

We are convinced: once you have tried our dental products, there is no turning back.
Each of our products has a unique background story that we are happy to tell you.

The new standard

HPdent loves repeat offenders.

Our claim is to convince you with an added value. We create an unparalleled experience that you will not experience with similar products in dental technology.

Just good is not good enough for us. Only when we have the “wow effect” with a new product are we satisfied.

Industrial production with high quality standards and efficient processes – these are indisputably the prerequisites for international success today. But is that all?

Not for us – we consider individuality and personal contact with our customers to be elementarily important building blocks of our success.

No blah-blah.

When you call us with a question about a product, you deserve to talk to someone who really knows the product, has worked with it themselves, or better yet, developed it themselves.

Our concept for success:
100% customer focus.

Contemporary technology for
the dental technology.


Experiences that you so quickly
will not forget.

We take responsibility.