Universal liquid for all dental ceramics


Stable ceramics | Brilliant colors

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CeraFirm is different. The universal mixing system for all ceramics, which inspires with extremely firm ceramics and lowest possible shrinkage.
CeraFirm is glycol-free and there is therefore no color impairment, even with low-fusing ceramic materials. Edge sharpness and brilliant colors can be achieved easily.
Even large-span restorations can be layered in one step. Eliminating the need for in between drying to achieve stability in the material. With CeraFirm Fluid + Add you can control the viscosity of the ceramic and layer easy with different consistencies, if you wish.
Structures are obtained when over-layering, even surface structure and texture can be created before firing with a little practice.
Accept no limits – You decide what is possible with your ceramics.

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Extremely stable ceramics; For all ceramics


Glycol-free - no color influence


Saves time - no need for annoying drying while layering

Enthusiastic users

Have you ever built a little man made of ceramics? The stability of the ceramic is simply incredible - anything is possible!

Jost Prestin