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Lithium Silicate | Zirconium Oxide Diffusion


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Item no. 265-0075, 75 ml

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LiSiFuse diffuses easily on the surface of the zirconium oxide during firing, forming an enormous bond. The impressive esthetics of lithium silicate help zirconium oxide restorations achieve a LiSi2-like appearance with flawless pore-free surfaces and a unique shine, free of chipping, in no time at all. In addition, you create a much more “antagonist friendly” surface of the zirconium oxide work.

Spray, burn and be amazed at how easy a large-scale work is shiny “LiSified” without manual rework.

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Optimizes the surface of ZrO2


Minimizes abrasion of the antagonist


Finish without glaze firing and manual polishing

Enthusiastic users

With LiSiFuse, monolithic zirconia restorations are glazed with a thin layer of lithium silicate in no time at all. No polishing, awesome results with just one firing - I still can't believe it!

Thanasis Kalogeropoulos