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LiSiFuse Connect

Lithium Silicate | Zirconium Oxide Diffusion


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LiSiFuse Connect

Bonding ZrO2 to other materials such as ceramics is possible, but also risky in terms of cracking and spalling. The ZrO2 surface is very hard and creating good retention is a challenge!

A connection of a ZrO2 infused with LiSiFuse connect, on the other hand, is significantly stronger and safer! The risk of cracks and chipping is reduced to almost zero! Chipping score below 0.1!

Using thermochemical diffusion, you create a LiSi2-like surface, that can be bonded directly without additional bonders or solders, this works even without hydrofluoric acid etching, gap-free, safe and durable.

Finally you can use zirconium oxide for durable zirconia oxide veneers, inlays, Marylands, etc.

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Reliable and incredibly strong bond with all materials


Chipping score below 0.1 for risk of cracking & chipping


Perfect "stain and glaze" preparation

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With LiSiFuse, monolithic zirconia restorations are glazed with a thin layer of lithium silicate in no time at all. No polishing, awesome results with just one firing - I still can't believe it!