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InovaPrint wax

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InovaPrint wax

Developed by dental technicians for dental requirements | InovaPrint.

Lithium-silicate pressing technology puts a delicate challenge to burnout resins. Not only is enormous precision a basic requirement, but the material should also burn out without swelling, thus preventing micro-cracks or even bursting the investment ring during firing.

Doable? YEP – with InovaPrint wax!
Designed with one goal in mind – uplifting your pressables to the next level of precision and efficiency. Our goal with InovaPrint wax is to make press technology even more efficient and even go one step further.
Developed by dental technicians for dental requirements – InovaPrint wax.

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Stunning precision


Hassle-free burnout


Easy to carve

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Print 'n press guaranteed! With InovaPrint wax, every press run is a success and the precision is awesome!

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