The smart framework material


Glass fiber-epoxy hybrid | Strong and light as a feather

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No more implant-supported prostheses weighing several tons with simultaneous optimal distribution of occlusal forces.

TriLor® is a fiber-reinforced composite material for All-on X implant-supported bars and superstructures. TriLor® scores with enormous strength, but also maintains natural bending and loading parameters. The physical parameters are like the properties of human bone.

TriLor® offers biomimetic dentistry a definitive, metal-free bar and framework solution that is esthetic, incredibly lightweight and extremely durable. The high multi-directional glass fiber content guarantees not only enormous stability, but also a natural load distribution.

The modern way of framework design!
The indestructible basis for esthetic “overlays” with zirconium oxide, Emax®*, Crystal Ultra®*, composites and resins. TriLor® loves them all.

*not a trademark of HPdent GmbH

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Metal-free implant framework material


100% biocompatibility, 0% ion exchange, 0% corrosion


Nature-like flexibility and load parameters

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