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InovaPrint wash

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InovaPrint wash

3D printing has long been an integral part of dental technology. The efficient creation of printed models, trays, templates and even crowns and bridges cries out for an equally convincing solution for cleaning the printed work.

InovaPrint wash is clearly superior to the commonly used alcohols isopropanol or ethanol in terms of cleaning performance.
The universal 3D printing cleaning liquid is suitable for all LCD | DLP | SLA resins. Cleaning results are achieved in a flash without whitish surface discoloration and can also be used at least 3 times longer than isopropanol or ethanol.

InovaPrint wash is a non-hazardous formula, is non-flammable and almost scent-free.
This is how 3D print cleaning works!

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Suitable for all LCD | DLP | SLA Resine


Lightning fast results


Min. 3 times longer service life than isopropanol / ethanol

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