Natural stump colors, lightning fast

TruePrep Spacer

Die spacer | Individual tooth shades

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TruePrep Spacer

The all-ceramic die spacer that´s how you match the tooth shade.
Matching the shade of a ceramic restoration exactly, without using the shade of the prepared tooth as a working basis, is not only difficult, but probably rather a matter of luck!
That should work better? Without huge effort? We think so too!

With the TruePrep die spacer system, which was based on the IPS® Natural Die Material*, you simply paint the stumps of the model in the determined die shade with a layer thickness of 12 µm. Dried in just 15 seconds, you have time to focus on what´s essential.

No compromises for an esthetic, color-matched restoration.

*not a trademark of HPdent GmbH

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For a natural color effect of the model stump


Based on IPS® Natural Die Material*


Dries in just 15 seconds

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